Womens Social


You’re aware that 7s exists, it seems like a good idea but you’re not THAT into it. Preferably you’ve done no to minimal training.

We expect to see Old Girls, College Alumni sides, B sides of Clubs that already have a team entered in Club or Premier, true social touring sides.

Typically 32 teams.


We opt for the tried and tested Cup / Bowl / Plate formula for our club competition.

This is always subject to adjustment based upon the number of entrants among other factors



2018 - NYRC Olde Love

2017 - Ottawa Irish Women

2016 - NYRC Olde Love

2015 - The Excaliburs (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

2014 - NYRC Olde Love

2013 - OTOWN Ladies (QC, CAN)

2012 - NYRC Olde Love

2011 - NYRC Olde Love

2010 - NYRC Olde Love

2009 - Halifax (CAN)

2008 - Last Call (US)