The team captain or coach must register all players (signed waivers) who will play on his/her team throughout the tournament.

Only players previously designated at registration time on the Official Team Roster and who have signed the waiver may be used as replacements.

Team captains must meet with the referee at pitchside of their assigned field during half time of the prior match for a coin toss.

If one captain fails to show, that team loses the toss. If both captains fail to show, the ref has the discretion to determine which team kicks and which team defends which end.

All matches will kick off at the time and place on the schedule, or at the completion of the previous match, whichever is later.

Teams that are not ready to play at their appointed time and place will lose the match by forfeit.

Opposing side must take the field and kick off if the other team is not present.

Referee may allow 2 minutes past kick-off time at his/her discretion, otherwise if players are still not on the field/ready to play, the match is forfeited.

It is the responsibility of the team captain to be aware of the time and place of the matches in which his or her team is to participate.

Due to the number of games, warm-ups cannot happen on the field of play.

Players are encouraged to warm up on the sidelines to begin playing promptly after the proceeding match.



All teams must provide their own competent touch judge.

Touch Judges may be provided in later, advanced rounds.

All teams should have matching uniforms, full rugby kit (shorts & shirts)

Teams may not wear single-body suits that prevent opponents from tackling, or the referee from identifying the player.

Please have an alternate kit available in the event there is a color clash between sides.

Cotton leggings should only be worn by female players unless the weather deems it necessary.

Injury time should not exceed a maximum of 5mins per match, minor injuries must be treated as the game proceeds.



If a referee issues a red card and orders a player off the field-of-play during a match for any reason, he or she may not participate further in the tournament.

Players receiving a yellow card must step off the field for 2 minutes. The player may stand on the sideline to keep warm (as opposed to standing behind the opponent’s try zone).

An appeals committee consisting of the tournament director and the head referee will handle any disputes during the tournament.

The committee’s decision will be final in all matters.

Any inappropriate behavior at the field or at the tournament hotel or party by any individual or team will be reported to the individual/team’s local union and will result in banishment from future New York 7s tournaments.



The matches will be played according to the Laws of rugby football (standard 7s variations) as agreed to by USA Rugby, including the following:

Rosters will be limited to 12 registered players per entered Team.

Not more than 7 players from each team may be on the field-of-play during a match at any one time.

Three players are required to form a scrum.

Substitutions may only be made at a dead ball, and must be communicated to the referee by the Captain.

5 substitutions allowed per match for all divisions.

Each match will consist of seven-minute halves with a one-minute interval between each half.

Per 7s World Series rules, Men’s and Women’s Premier Cup Championships will be scheduled as 7 minute halves this year.



Tie matches will stand in pool-play.

Tie matches in elimination play will be decided by a succession of five-minute sudden death overtime periods, played without intervals, until the referee declares a winner.

We will rank teams in each pool after pool play as follows:

  • Best record.

  • Head-to-head competition.

  • Best point differential.

  • Most points scored.

  • Number of tries.

  • Coin toss.