Womens Premier


The tip of the spear, the pinnacle of the mens’ teams playing in the NY 7s.

Typically Premier and top 1st Division club, select, and competitive touring sides from the US, Canada, and internationally - looking at you the UK and Australia.

Prize money of $1000 for first place and $500 for second place.


We typically organize the Womens Premier as two pools then proceeding into knockout play. This is always subject to adjustment based upon the number of entrants among other factors.



2018 - Northeast Academy

2017 - Equipe Quebec Women (Quebec, Canada)

2016 - New York Rugby Club Women

2015 - Team Quebec Sr. Women (Quebec, Canada)

2014 - Aptoella Angels (Montreal, Quebec)

2013 - Les Bleues (QC, CAN)

2012 - Highlanders (Australia)

2011 - Schuylkill River Exiles (PA, US)

2010 - Old Blue (NY, US)

2009 - New York Rugby Club (NY, US)

2008 - New York (US)